Chapter Seventeen of The Motive for Massacre: Stabbed in the Back

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Chapter Eighteen of The Motive for Massacre: Something Old, Something Dark

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Welcome to the world of Elmoryn


Welcome to the world of Elmoryn.  If you've decided to come visit us, then you've taken the first step on a massive literary journey set in a dark fantasy world where death is not the end.

It has been 291 years since The Great Plague nearly wiped the entire world clean of human life.  Life was rescued from the clutches of the vile Plague only through the combined might of the two great faiths of Elmoryn together with the magical might of the Waymancers, masters of all things Magic. 

Elmoryn has struggled since its near death, but like the fate of all humans on Elmoryn, death was not final.  Almost three hundred years of wars, dictators, kings and queens of all qualities, as well as the evil workings of fell Necromancers, thousands of zombies, and beasts from the wilds has finally passed.  Some stability has returned.  Nations have formed, borders are respected, and the Church of Souls and the Artificer's Guild have given hope to a world that had none. 

Here you can read the tales of Elmoryn's inhabitants as they adventure and journey.  Explore monsters, magic, treachery most foul, the pervasive presence of the undead, and love stories that even death could not hinder.  Elmoryn is written for an adult audience, and as such has profanity, violence, sex, and other adult themes.  Please be aware of what you might read before you jump in.

The story of Elmoryn unfolds in novels posted one chapter at a time, roughly every other week, and in short stories, posted when they are written. As they are osted, the chapters are free to read, but after they have been free for two weeks, they revert to premium access only, which you'll need to pay for,   Elmoryn's fiction world begins with The Kinless Trilogy.  The first book in the trilogy is entitled The Wrath of the Orphans, and is written by Chris Philbrook.  It is available on The Kindle, and in paperback via Amazon.

In addition to the Wrath of the Orphans, and other stories set in Elmoryn, there is a substantial amount of Premium Content available to people who subscribe to the site.  In the premium areas you'll find hundreds of pages of background information on the places, people, things, spells, and far more, not to mention dozens of premium illustrations that accompany the story.

Elmoryn is also a pen and paper role playing game in development.  If you are a premium member of the website, you will gain access to areas of the site that enhance your knowledge of the world as well as the story, and also give you a sneak peek into the game as well.  If you are interested in helping with the game portion of the Elmoryn experience, register, and head to the forums.

If this is your first visit to Elmoryn, you can begin your journey today!


To learn more about the world of Elmoryn, click the map below.


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